As part of the enacted federal healthcare laws, restaurant chains with more than 20 locations throughout the country must provide patrons with nutritional caloric information of the menu items served.  The FDA has stated that it would like to apply these rules to additional food selling outlets including movie theaters, who would be required to label concession items such as hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn .  This news has not been warmly welcomed by cinema chain owners as they fear added costs and lost customers for these high profit items.  The National Association of Theatre Owners have been lobbying the FDA stating that they do not fit in the same category as a restaurant when it comes to serving food. At odds with their argument, health advocates and even the National Restaurant Association have long felt that cinemas should be held to the same standards of informing customers about the nutritional value of the food served.  In some areas of the country, including the State of California, regional health laws have already prompted nutritional labeling in theatres.

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